Sebelas - Welcome back Inshi, 2013

Hey guys! The years have passed just like that. Can you guys just believe it? I'm 20 in exactly 7 months from now. I have been so busy moving forward with my life and looking to the future. Yet, looking back, I wish I could relive those moments. Now, I'm not the same person I was few years ago. I have different responsibilities, different group of friends and different life for sure. Living in the past with bad memories, hmmm no good at all. I shouldn't be thinking about that. Life goes on, guys. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all of us have an awesome journey in 2013. But sadly now, I'm home alone. Tsk tsk. Actually I'm not that 'home alone' cause someone is on video call with me, hiks. :D Yeay. So.....

Dear you, thank you so much for spending your new year time with me. *nada berbisik* ( He watched the new year fireworks from his bro's apartment just now kot ) *I'm jello right here, like helloooo. I wanted to be there too. InshaAllah if umur panjang, let's watch it again next year with me.. Maybe? :3 Anddd don't forget, we got a new book for this new year to be written, remember? Happy New Year, xoxo.

Ooooookay guys. Now, I'm like a half dead and need to go to sleep. Genait.

"Be a good son/daughter to your parents, and a good brother/sister to your siblings. InsyaAllah, you'll be a good partner to your spouse." - @muqrisam