Tiga belas - Walaweiiii

InshaAllah, there's gonna be a suprise for you. Yeap, you. Wait for it.

Be us against the world. - @violetcraps

Dua belas - Hey Wednesday

Wednesday is coming and I can't wait. Somedays I wish I could just close my eyes and a day will be over. I can't wait of the day that I could be doing something to bring me closer to you. My heart beats at very fast pace. I can't wait to spend the rest of the beautiful day together. Throughout the day, I couldn't count how many times you make me feel so happy, feel so giddy inside which I don't know anyone whose done so.

Hey you, let's meet on Wednesday. Xoxo.

I'm not asking much. I wish I can get married before I die. At least I can feel to be loved by someone who's officially called "Husband". - @SarahIzuddin